image archive from decrystallization 27-28.05.2011, London

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for video documentation of salon event please see: forthcoming

general views

pcb boards

smashing/stripping metals and components from pcb boards

aqua regia

use of Aqua Regia (mix of nitric and hydrochloric acids) to recover gold from components

nitric acid

use of nitric acid to recover gold and silver from components

antique nail after redoxing of silver (day after workshop)

no audio oscillations apparent when tested


use of electrolysis to remove gold plating from connector/cpu pins - gold is in the filtered black residue


use of hydrochloric acid and chlorine bleach for gold recovery from black electrolytic residue


constructing/testing coherers made from different metal filings


making/testing crude semi-conductor oscillators from copper/zinc galvanised steel


re-purposing gold and silver to make colloidal drinks

recovering colloidal 24k gold after workshop!!


evening of lo-no amp performances from re-purposed metals/minerals made in workshop with guest performances by Ryan Jordan, Martin Howse, and Eaten By Children

two days after

All images by Nihal Yesil, Martin Howse, and Fabianne Borges

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